2019 Ford Ranger – What To Expect

Jan 16, 2018 - 2 minute read

a blue pick up truck with a kayak on top of it's roof parked in the middle of a forest

In 2011, the Ford Ranger saw its last days on the American automotive market. Eight years later, this mid-size pickup trucks makes a splendid and surprising return. The Ranger is expected to deliver solid and economical performance for light-duty tasks.


In recent years, Ford has equipped its pickup trucks with the EcoBoost engines, which use turbochargers to achieve impressive results. Therefore, the powertrain in the 2019 Ranger is likely going to have at least one option with the signature EcoBoost technology. There’s also the possibility that this mid-size pickup truck may be available with a diesel engine that delivers class-leading torque at low tachometer readings. A 4×4 drive system is a natural installation for the Ranger, which is supposed to crawl on mud, rocks, gravel and other rough terrains.


For its mid-size platform, the 2019 Ford Ranger should be capable of towing more than 6,000 pounds. Just like in most Ford pickup trucks and some SUVs, a trailering package might be available to improve towing. The 4×4 drive also facilitates handling of a bulky trailer that has unevenly distributed loading. The gas-powered EcoBoost engine will probably have slightly higher towing ratings than the diesel engine. Keep in mind that the diesel powertrain is optimized for quick and powerful takeoffs on uneven and rough surfaces. The EcoBoost engine is engineered to reduce swerving and swaying that might occur with sudden bursts of high torque.


The 2019 Ford Ranger isn’t supposed to be a luxurious pickup truck, so you should expect to see some entry-level safety technology in this model. Perhaps the Blind Spot Information System will be available in select trims that come with premium price tags. A rear vision camera with a wide-angle view is another feature that can improve safety, especially when backing up or parking. The Safety Canopy System and side curtain airbags are some passive safety features that should appear in the 2019 Ranger.

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