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Getting Back on Your Feet After a Collison in Savannah Has Never Been Easier Thanks to the J.C. Lewis Ford Collision Center


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Thanks for stopping in at the J.C. Lewis Ford Collision Center. As Savannah's primary provider of premium automotive restoration services for those who have recently been involved in an accident, it is safe to say that we know a thing or two about fixing fenders, replacing windshields, popping out dents, and anything else that goes into getting your Ford car, truck, or sport utility vehicle (SUV) back in top shape.

Of course, serving as the leading name in collision repair in Savannah GA is about so much more than repairing vehicles in a timely manner. As the oldest Ford dealership in Georgia, we take great pride in putting you in complete control of this process from start to finish. From giving you an upfront and honest free estimate on how much your collision repair will cost to going to bat for you when the time comes to work with your insurance company, the J.C. Lewis Ford Collision Center is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that you leave with a smile on your face.

Obviously, picking the right automotive repair center for you and your family after an unfortunate accident is not something that you can rush into without a ton of thought or research. With this in mind, our team of expert collision repair specialists would like to take you through a complete tour of everything you can expect from a world-class collision repair center, as well as why J.C. Lewis Ford is always the name you can trust when the time comes to get your favorite Ford vehicle back on the streets of Savannah and running like new.

What Services Can You Expect from an I-CAR Gold Class Facility?

In terms of what equipment and services J.C. Lewis Ford offers up here at our Savannah-leading collision repair center, our team of automotive experts is pleased to inform you that we have anything needed to cover vehicle frame work, mechanical repairs, automotive paint jobs, and everything in between. To ensure that you know exactly what you are getting once you step through our front doors and into the finest full-service collision repair facility in town, let's break down all of the industry-leading offerings found here at the J.C. Lewis Ford Collision Center.

Computerized Auto Paint Mixing System, Downdraft Paint Booth, and Sikkens Autobase Plus Paint

Need to get your Ford's paint job looking factory-fresh? Then you will definitely want to work with a collision repair center than leverages the finest automotive paint technology to restore your vehicle to like-new condition. Fortunately, J.C. Lewis Ford is on the cutting edge of the process with our state-of-the-art paint restoration equipment and practices.

To start, J.C. Lewis Ford leverages a computerized mixing system to guarantee that your paint job comes out just right. In terms of why computerized systems matter, it all starts with quickly and accurately matching and mixing the paint your vehicle requires. Instead of leaving these things to chance and hoping to "eyeball" the colors required for your paint restoration job, our WiFi-enabled digital system leverages advanced – and constantly updating – technology to properly retrieve the appropriate color formula and mix the required colors together just like Ford does on the factory floor.

Additionally, J.C. Lewis Ford also utilizes a downdraft paint booth to go above and beyond the status quo on this front. For those of you who are not familiar with this advanced piece of automotive restoration equipment, a downdraft paint booth is a car painting booth that creates an air draft pattern straight down from the ceiling to the floor, in addition to requiring a concrete pit and a steel foundation with drive-up ramps. While utilizing this equipment might seem like overkill, incorporating a downdraft paint booth into a collision repair center comes with a bevy of advantages, which include:

  • Cleanliness – Air is drawn around your vehicle as our restoration specialists paint it, thereby ensuring a much cleaner painting experience as air exhausts through the lower floor openings.
  • Crisp Paint Application – By pulling the air down no matter where the painter is spraying, overspray, dust, and other problematic contaminants all stay away from the freshly applied coat of car paint.
  • Safer Work Environment – The unique exhausting structure of the downdraft paint booth helps provide a safer environment for our team of skilled automotive paint technicians.
  • Budget-Friendly for Customers – A cleaner, smoother finish helps keeps your car looking better longer, thereby reducing the need for touch-ups, restorative buffing, and other corrective applications down the road.

From here, Sikkens Autobase Plus paint keeps the top-shelf quality experience moving forward. While other collision repair centers in Savannah might skimp and use a lesser brand when the time comes to spray on a new coat of paint, opting for the premium quality of Sikkens (which has been a world leader in car refinishing for over 100 years) and the company's Autobase Plus product ensures that all of the following perks become mainstays of J.C. Lewis Ford's automotive paint job process:

  • Outstanding paint coverage.
  • Evenly applies to surface area for a smooth finish.
  • Metallic control and enhanced sprayability that easily matches original manufacturer's application.
  • Can duplicate original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) solid, metallic, and pearl color effect.
  • Serves as the superior choice if you want to achieve optimal color match.

Put this all together and what do you get? How about everything you need to do a paint job right – and ensure that your recently damaged Ford car, truck, or SUV is back in top shape as soon as possible.

World-Class Frame Alignment and Straightening Systems

At J.C. Lewis Ford, we have access to some of the finest frame alignment and straightening equipment in the world, so there is no need to get bent out of shape if your favorite Ford's frame is not in line after a collision or similar accident. Specifically, we are proud to work with Chief Automotive Technologies and Car-O-Liner frame alignment systems, as well as the Genesis computerized measuring system from Chief Automotive Technologies.

Should your vehicle find itself outside of factory specifications and road safety dimensions, then the alignment systems from Chief Automotive Technologies and Car-O-Liner utilized by our staff of trained automotive repair experts can get you back in shape in no time. Thanks to the design of these frame machines, which essentially serve as giant straight edges, our team can exert a tremendous amount of force on the frame of your car, pull it back into line, and get you back on the streets of Savannah faster than you could have possibly imagined.

As far as how we know how much force to exert and ensure that your frame is safely back within the tolerances of factory specifications, that is where the Genesis computerized measuring system comes into play. Via the system's precision laser scanning and unique triangulation technology, our technicians can accurately assess your situation constantly before, during, and after your scheduled collision repair.

When paired with the aforementioned alignment systems, the Genesis measuring system also gives the J.C. Lewis Ford Collision Center team the ability to assess and fix virtually any car frame issues via the following processes:

  • Identify primary frame damage
  • Identify secondary frame damage
  • Continuously updated specifications database
  • Progress monitoring capabilities that provide real-time analysis during your vehicle's repair
  • Print structural reports and data analysis

With all of this technology at our disposal, one thing becomes clear in a hurry: If you truly want your automotive frame repair in Savannah done right, then now is the time to connect with the trained professionals found here at the J.C. Lewis Ford Collision Center.

Advanced Welding Techniques and Equipment

"Can J.C. Lewis Ford weld broken or damaged parts on my favorite Ford?"

As you can imagine, this question pops up here at the J.C. Lewis Ford Collision Center quite often. Fortunately, we are proud to answer with a resounding yes each and every time a welding issue arises during the repair of a customer's car, truck, or SUV. To give you an idea of the welding capabilities of our team of master welders here at J.C. Lewis Ford, here is a quick breakdown of some of the welding services offered by our collision center, as well as how these automotive welding practices could mean the difference between getting your vehicle back on the road in a hurry and facing down the unwanted burden of having to purchase a new or used replacement vehicle.

  • Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding – MIG welding utilizes an electric arc to melt and join a wire electrode and the metal of your Ford vehicle. Additionally, the welding gun emits a "shielding gas" to strengthen the bond of the weld by protecting it from outside contaminants in the air.
  • Squeeze Type Resistance Spot Welding (STRSW) – Heat is a major issue for the high-strength steel used by most automakers, so STRSW welding limits and controls this heat expenditure to ensure that supporting areas of the weld spot stay strong and avoid unnecessary weakening.
  • Aluminum Welding – Our specialists understand the difference between traditional steel welding and the intricacies of aluminum welding (higher thermal conductivity, hotter amperage, etc.), thereby adding another skill to our ever-expanding repertoire.
  • Silicon Bronze Welding – This type of welding conducted at our collision repair center utilizes a silicon bronze filler metal to more accurately and powerfully weld dissimilar automotive metals together, limit the impact of distortion, and overall create a more visually appealing final product.
  • Nitrogen Welding – From cracked bumpers to broken hinge tabs, welding with hot nitrogen gas is the leading way to restructure and repair plastic automotive parts via a strong, lasting weld. Compressed air is also used to maintain the temperature of this process and protect the integrity of the plastic components.

Automotive welding is clearly an intricate science, and that is why our team of trusted industry experts goes out of its way guarantee that it is always aware of and implementing the newest and most innovative tactics on today's marketplace.

The J.C. Lewis Ford Cleanroom

Pristine though J.C. Lewis Ford's facilities may be, the truth of the matter is that crafting a completely sterile and contaminant-free workplace for collision repairs requires going above and beyond standard cleaning practices. With this in mind, J.C. Lewis Ford is proud to utilize a cleanroom that abides by the standards and regulations of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) within its Collison Center.

As the name implies, a cleanroom serves to maintain a controlled work environment by limiting or inhibiting the presence of the following:

  • Dust
  • Aerosol particles
  • Chemical vapors
  • Air temperature
  • Humidity

This kind of controlled workspace might sound like something out of a hospital or laboratory, and you would definitely be right on that count. However, J.C. Lewis Ford is right there with these organizations by also leveraging this approach to ensure that our work on your damaged vehicle never succumbs to lowered quality via outside detractions.

Providing You with the Top Staff of Collision Repair Experts in Savannah

While having access to state-of-the-art equipment and systems definitely helps differentiate the J.C. Lewis Ford Collision Center from other run-of-the-mill offerings, the truth of the matter is that wielding these tools requires a deft hand and years of experience. With this in mind, our team of certified and trained specialists continue to broaden their horizons via constantly training and obtaining greater insight into non-structural and structural repairs, certified welding tactics, and even rivet bonding.

Outside of these standard certifications and training opportunities, the J.C. Lewis Ford Collision Center also leads the way in Savannah GA by laying claim to the following advanced accolades and benchmarks:

I-CAR Gold Class Facility

Presided over by the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR), the Gold Class recognition is the highest award bestowed by this organization. As a member of this illustrious group, J.C. Lewis Ford joins the less than 20 percent of collision repair centers nationwide that are capable of achieving this echelon of excellence.

Achieving this standard requires a high level of advanced training across each of the major collision repair roles. After hitting this plateau, J.C. Lewis Ford's Collision Center must continue to stay on the cutting edge of the automotive repair industry via the ongoing addition of new knowledge and skills, as well as by progressing new members of the team through the I-CAR Professional development Program.

National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified

As one of the preeminent names in the world of automotive repair training since 1972, ASE certification serves as a barometer for the quality of restoration work completed by a dealership. At J.C. Lewis Ford, our mechanics always seek to achieve – and exceed – the lofty benchmarks set forth by the ASE.

To obtain ASE certification, the J.C. Lewis Ford Collision Center staff of automotive repair experts must start by passing the ASE Certification test. From here, these individuals are also required to enlist in either two years of on the job training or one year of one the job training in addition to acquiring a two-year degree in a relevant automotive repair field.

As impressive as this is, the fact that our mechanics renew their credentials every five years by retaking the ASE Certification test proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the always-changing world of automotive repair technology.

Ford Aluminum Body Repair Program Certified

Fans of the F-150 know that recent models of America's bestselling truck have turned to aluminum to enhance the power and performance of this class leader. However, utilizing an aluminum body does present certain challenges and requirements that the average body shop is simply unable to accommodate. Fortunately, J.C. Lewis Ford's Collision Center is ready and primed to handle repairs and restorations on any F-150 thanks to our certification via the Ford Aluminum Body Repair Program.

Much like you would expect from the program name, obtaining certification via the Ford Aluminum Body Repair Program requires an acute understanding of how to operate on and restore aluminum frames and body components. Digging a bit deeper, receiving this certification requires a world-class collision center, like the one found here at J.C. Lewis Ford, to not only utilize Ford-approved aluminum specific vehicle repair tools, like the aforementioned MIG and aluminum welding systems, but to also have mechanics and specialists trained via Ford's exclusive aluminum body restoration curriculum.

In other words, our mechanics need to know everything possible about repairing and restoring Ford Aluminum parts after a collision before they are even allowed to touch one of these vehicles, so you can always count on us to get the job done right if you end up in need of help after an accident or collision.

Are You Ready to Experience the J.C. Lewis Ford Collision Center Difference?

Now that you are a certified expert on all that goes into running and maintaining an industry-leading collision center, there is really only one question we would like to ask you: Are you ready to bring your collision repair needs to your trusted friends here at J.C. Lewis Ford?

If the answer to this question is yes, then make it a point to give us a call at 1-912-210-5694 today. From here, one of our certified and trained collision repair experts will be more than happy to fill you in on any other questions you might have about Savannah GA's most trusted collision repair center – and help you get started toward the path that leads to a budget-friendly car repair conducted by licensed and trained professionals.

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