2021 Ford Bronco Accessories

Nov 04, 2020 - 3 minute read

a truck parked in the woods with a tent on top of it's roof and a table and chairs underneath it

For 2021, Ford has designed each new Bronco model around a different type of adventure. After you choose the trim that fits you and your adventures best, you can further customize it with over 200 accessories to truly make it your own. The Bronco Sport will also be highly customizable with over 100 accessory choices. Here, we'll go over some of the ways to customize your new Bronco or Bronco Sport.

It was important to Ford that Bronco owners have the ability to customize their Broncos themselves, so they put special fasteners all around the vehicle for this purpose. There are 40 of these fasteners inside the Bronco as well as between 12 and 18 on the outside.

Customers looking to lease a Bronco or Bronco Sport can still enjoy accessorizing their vehicle by paying a small amount up front for the accessories and then returning them along with the vehicle.

Let’s look at some of the Bronco accessory options Ford has revealed so far.

A bolt near the center dash can hold a “bring your own device” bar. This will enable you to attach things like a GoPro or a dashboard camera, so you can share and relive your adventures.

Six auxiliary switches on the windshield frame will give owners the option of installing lights on many parts of the Bronco’s exterior, so you can take both style and illumination to the next level.

A slide-out tailgate will make your Bronco the perfect place for you and your friends to have fun. It can hold the weight of two adults and can also function as a step for accessing the roof, or a workspace for stacking gear or rigging a fishing pole.

For the fisherman, a seat perch and a custom fishing rod holder that can hold four rods can be fitted to Bronco’s fender-mounted trail sights.

For the campers, options include a Yakima two-person tent with a slide-down ladder, a rack-mounted light bar with six POD lights for extra visibility at night, a slide-out refrigerator and a cooking station with a stove mounted to the cargo management system. A slide-out tailgate table and chairs will complete this setup. MOLLE grids mounted inside the cargo area can provide additional storage for gear, and a CB antenna can ensure communication when off the beaten track.

There will be a variety of door designs, including tube doors and donut doors, and four-door models can have either a soft-top or hard-top. Four-piece hardtops will allow owners to customize their open air experience.

Other Bronco accessories include a winch roof rack, light bars, recovery boards, a variety of LED lights, a WARN winch, Yakima roof racks, front bumpers, all weather floor mats and a rear swing-gate-mounted table.

Bronco Sport also has plenty of accessories available for the outdoorsy driver, such as 31-inch mud tires, splash guards, canoe, kayak or bike racks, at least two tents and a Yakima Slim Shady Awning. Other options include crossbars, LED lights, off-road gear mounts, a one-inch lift kit, front nudge bar, hitch basket, Yakima cargo platform, tool holder, pet barrier and drone landing target.

Be on the lookout for a virtual event from Ford showcasing the full list of accessories.

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