Ford In-Vehicle Technology Features

Mar 09, 2018 - 3 minute read

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Real-time diagnostics and infotainment systems continue to evolve and are now becoming one of the biggest selling points of vehicle advertising. Today, drivers and passengers enjoy one-touch memory retrieval systems, can integrate their smartphone technology into the on-board communications, and even map their route to the nearest pizza parlor. Perhaps the biggest consideration for vehicle owners is how these systems add to resale value and how they can dramatically lower insurance rates. Ford has incorporated the latest in convenience and safety systems into all its vehicles, and many of these are standard on most all trims.

Luxury Technology Features

The most significant addition to the Ford vehicle lineup isn’t a car or truck. Rather, it’s the Sync 3 infotainment system, a welcomed upgrade to the now outdated Sync hardware and software introduced some years back. With Sync 3, drivers and passengers have quick access to all integrated systems such as smartphone connectivity, the music library, and traffic. The screen display is crisp and easy to navigate.

Navigation and voice commands are standard on some Ford model trims and can be added on as a stand-alone option or as part of a package on other trims. Navigation is highly advanced these days because of the pinpoint accuracy of the vehicle location and the ever-growing list of online links that project real-time routes as well as traffic alerts. The navigation package and voice commands are available on most every Ford model and are standard on the uplevel trim sedans and crossovers. The Sync 3 system is standard on most trims of the Focus and Fusion sedans, and it’s also available on the crossovers models including the Explorer.

Top Safety Technology Features

Rear parking sensors allow the vehicle’s computer systems to accurately detect moving objects. The direction and speed of the object can be determined without the need for the rearview camera. Similar sensors are placed on the front of the vehicle to determine the distance of a stationary or moving object. This forward collision warning system is now paired with an automatic braking system. Emergency braking at low speed without the need for the driver to push the brake pedal has already saved countless car owners the heartache of an expensive front-end repair job.

Ford incorporates forward collision warning into most of its vehicles. In most cases, these are included as standard equipment on high-end trims but can be purchased as part of a package option. For example, the Ford Fusion can be purchased with the Technology package that adds on forward collision warning, and the included rear parking sensors can also aid with the automated parking system, another optional feature on most Ford sedans and crossovers.

Get The Latest Tech Features

The 2018 Ford models can be equipped with everything from blind-spot monitoring and lane departure warning to rear cross-traffic alert and automated parking. Some models even offer these advanced features as options on the base trim.

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