Ford vs Dodge: Which Brand Is Better?

Apr 20, 2018 - 3 minute read

an orange pick up truck driving down a dirt road near a river and a mountain range in the background

Both Ford and Dodge are names synonymous with American tradition, but it’s important to keep in mind that America isn’t a single-tradition nation with a single-minded culture. Over the years, Ford has evolved its vehicle lineup to suit the tastes of a huge segment of the population, and during these same decades, Dodge has been more keenly focused on satisfying the individual who wants and needs raw power and performance in a passenger vehicle.

Today, Ford offers buyers a much wider selection of cars and trucks than does Dodge, and although most of them don’t produce the throaty roar and lightning-fast acceleration of the Dodge models, they promise a more satisfying experience for passengers. The Ford vehicle interiors are generally more passenger-friendly, and the safety features are more extensive than what’s found on and in Dodge models.

Vehicle Selection

The current Ford lineup includes six passenger sedan or coupe models, seven SUV and crossover models, and four trucks including vans. There are also four hybrid and EV models from which to choose. Every one of the passenger cars, from the economically priced Fiesta to the full-size Taurus is fuel-efficient and available in a multitude of trims. The legendary Mustang, the lone muscle car in the Ford lineup, compares well to the Dodge Charger in terms of performance and styling. Dodge offers buyers only two passenger cars, the Charger and Challenger, and only two SUVs, the Journey and Durango. Its lone minivan, the Grand Caravan, is quite behind the times in terms of amenities and convenience features.

Interior Comforts

Ford models generally have above-average materials quality. Even on the base trim, the Focus, Fusion, and Taurus models are equipped with the latest in high-tech features. Most base trim models have a rearview camera, Bluetooth, and smartphone app integration. The compact models don’t have a great deal of rear seating area legroom, but the mid-size C-Max and full-size Taurus do. On the other hand, the Dodge Charger and Challenger, mid-size and full-size respectively, are a bit cramped in the rear, an indication that these models focus more on performance and styling than on passenger comfort.

Safety And Security

The Dodge models come equipped with the necessary airbags and stability control, but buyers will generally have to pay a lot more for a special package in order to get the full set of driver aids. Ford models are built with a better crumple zone design, and they contain a fuller set of airbags. They are scaled much higher on the list for safety and security as far as the insurance providers are concerned. Dodge owners will have to settle for higher insurance rates because these models are in a higher risk category.

To summarize, Ford vehicles will appeal to a greater percentage of the buying population. There’s a model size and trim to suit just about everyone. If you love great fuel efficiency and passenger-friendly interiors, Ford will have the vehicle you’re looking for.

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