Ford vs. Toyota: Reliability

May 22, 2018 - 2 minute read

a red truck pulling a boat on a trailer on the side of a road with a red truck pulling a boat on the side of the road

When shopping for a new ride, a lot of today’s drivers consider reliability to be a big factor. Like Ford, Toyota is considered to be a quality car brand. Let’s find out which one of these popular automakers is more reliable.


When driving a safe vehicle, you’re far less likely to get injured in a crash. The overwhelming majority of Ford’s new vehicles have received a five-star overall safety rating. While Toyota makes secure vehicles as well, some safety innovations are only offered by Ford.

Designed to give truck owners improved visibility, Ford’s Ultimate Tow Camera system is a feature that makes hauling loads less stressful. You can also take advantage of Ford’s Enhanced Active Park Assist system, which helps you to safely maneuver into tight spaces.

All-Weather Performance

While front-wheel-drive vehicles are great for most driving situations, all-wheel-drive becomes a major asset during the winter time. Unfortunately, some of Toyota’s most popular vehicles fail to offer it. In contrast to the full-size Ford Taurus and the midsize Ford Fusion, Toyota’s sedan lineup doesn’t feature any all-wheel-drive models. This is a big disadvantage for the drivers who need to overcome snowy road conditions.

High-Tech Features

A vehicle’s features have a direct impact on its reliability. Although Toyota offers a number of modern technologies, some features are not available. Ford’s MyKey system gives it a big advantage over Toyota. Parents can use this innovative system to set a speed limit for their teen drivers and restrict the audio system’s maximum volume. The extra peace of mind is well worth it.

You’ll also love Ford’s high-resolution Sync 3 infotainment system. Voice-activated functions enable you to control the interface without even taking your hands off the wheel.

While Toyota deserves to be mentioned among today’s top automotive brands, Ford remains a few notches ahead. For more information on Ford’s new lineup, be sure to contact your local Ford dealer.

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