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J.C. Lewis Ford visits Bronco Super Celebration East

November 17, 2020

October 7-10, 2020 J.C. Lewis Ford headed to Townsend Tennessee. Bronco Driver Magazine presented the Bronco Super Celebration, sponsored by Ford and Bronco Nation.

J.C. Lewis joined thousands of Bronco enthusiast from all across the Nation for a chance to see the largest collection of Broncos in the United States including 4 new members of the Ford Bronco Family. The invitation was accepted for our team to join the Bronco Drive through the great smokey mountains, see the new Broncos up close and personal and interview members of the Bronco Family with your questions.

Our Bronco experts were able to check out classic Broncos and our own first look at the Sport and Bronco as well as spend time with the Ford Team and Brand Manager.

We took the opportunity to ask your questions.

Tops: Can I get a soft and hard top? Ford says you can get both tops and a video in the works to show the top in action. More details https://youtu.be/NT4KQ2QR8Tg

Seats: Can I get a powerseat in the washout option? Heated seats in the washout option however no power seats in the washout interior.

Will the bring your own device rail be available on every Bronco 2 and 4 door? Yes! More details https://youtu.be/NT4KQ2QR8Tg

Can you tell me more about the roof rack? Load carrying capability: static 450 lbs, dynamic 110lbs.

Tell me about available accessories at launch? 100 or more available for the Bronco Sport, 200 or more available for the Bronco launch.

Where do I stand in line and when do I receive? Hear this answer as well as detailed answers to your most common questions above by visiting our J.C. Lewis Motor Co You Tube for our Bronco Headquarters Updates https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx5bkDxRrfOSNUqi2mSA9usXh-V-oT1k2