Jimmy Fallon Sings About the Ford F-150 Lightning Frunk on the Tonight Show

Jun 10, 2022 - 2 minute read

a truck with a tent on top of it parked next to a tree and a river in the background

Just when you think you have seen every possible video and photo of the Ford F-150 Lightning, Jimmy Fallon surprised everyone with his recap of the "frunk."

In true comedian, fashion satire is intensely used, however, one thing is true, the Lightning gives everyone something to talk about. Fallon focuses on the trunk feature in the front of the F-150. Unique to the Ford electric vehicles the frunk has been deemed the hidden asset in addition to all the other features and benefits.

Fallon created a rather interesting song and music video discussing the many merits of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning that he calls “Junk In My Frunk,” an ode to a vehicle that he’s admittedly obsessed with at the moment. We are talking about someone that owns an ICE-powered Ford F-150 that he uses to haul pumpkins while he listens to country music, so perhaps Fallon knows what he’s talking about here!

Ford patented the Ford F-150 Lightning front storage space and called it the Mega Power Frunk. Because there's no internal-combustion engine (ICE) or mechanicals under the hood, engineers seized a tremendous opportunity for storage space that would never be possible with a traditional gas-powered truck. As a result, the Ford Mega Power Frunk—a large, lockable weather-tight storage compartment—was born. The Mega Power Frunk is perfect for efficiently storing objects and items drivers may not want in the truck’s bed. This eliminates the need for tie-downs in many situations.

The word "frunk" comes from the words "front" and "trunk." Silly sounding as it may be, a frunk is an astonishingly practical addition to a vehicle's layout and configuration. Over the years, smaller cars with engines in the rear have offered this feature, though it is rare.

Thanks to electrification, the frunk is a newly created space for truck owners, according to J.D. Power. Trucks have never offered storage at the front of the vehicle until now. This setup gives truck owners a new level of flexibility, versatility, and hauling capacity. Even the weekly grocery run becomes less cumbersome with a frunk. Usually, groceries would go in the back seat of a pickup truck, where they would often spill across the seats and floor. But with Ford's Mega Power Frunk, groceries stay safe, secure, and upright from store to home.

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