Tom Brady on the Ford F-150 with Jim Farley

Jul 08, 2022 - 3 minute read

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"Jim Farley likes to wear the iconoclast hat as CEO of Ford Motor Co., and he’s just broken another barrier: He’s wrapped up his first season as a podcaster with Spotify, making him the auto industry’s most prominent chief who’s taken to internet broadcasting to spread his message and bolster his company’s brand.

Farley capped his seven-episode deal with Spotify with an interview with another person who’s sui generis: Tom Brady, arguably professional football’s GOAT. The once-reticent Brady has gotten a lot more transparent with the public lately, but it’s likely Farley was the original interviewer to draw out of Brady that his first car was a 1967 Dodge Dart bought from his sister for $500," according to Forbes Dale Buss.

Fox News goes on to report from the Brady + Farley podcast, "Brady was on the "Drive" podcast, hosted by Ford CEO Jim Farley, and the two talked about the vehicles Brady sees in an NFL parking lot. The Tampa Bay Buccaneer said there are plenty of exotic sports cars, but that most of his teammates drive trucks for a good reason. "Because they’re bigger. They’re bigger guys, and they’re going to need a lot of room. Because it’s not just the size of the guy, it’s the size of all your stuff too," Brady said.

"You’re 320 pounds, and you’re a size 17 shoe, you know, all your stuff is big. It’s not just you that’s big."

"Whenever I go travel with my wife, for example, I have a suitcase, you know, and she has a suitcase. And her suitcase is about a third of the size of mine, and she’s got twice as much clothes in there. And she’s always like, ‘why are you bringing such a big suitcase?’ And I’m like, ‘because my shoes are a size 13. There’s only so many size 13s I can fit into a bag before I’ve got to get another bag.'"

"That's why I've been buying your F-150 Raptors all these years because you're making, in my view, what I think is an amazing, almost the perfect car," Brady told Farley."

Brady also admitted he has a Tesla and was glad to see Ford expand to the EV market.

Farley tells more about his podcast to Forbes, “I knew how to prepare but not how to be myself and how to step out of the CEO’s role for Saturday” recording sessions. “I’m still a professional doing these interviews, but it’s like a different self. And I had to make a lot of corrections quickly because I’d never done anything like this.”

Farley learned that he “had to loosen up, and also not take such a back seat during the interviews. It’s not transactional information flow. It’s a conversation. I never had a conversation on mass media like this. It was a difficult transition for me to be an active listener and interjecter and be an active part of the conversation instead of it being transactional like with media” interviews.

Farley’s interview with Brady sensibly took for granted that the audience for “Drive” understands who this guest is and doesn’t require a catalog of his accomplishments or much other information about him, because his fans already know it. So Farley honed in on Brady’s experiences with and views on automobiles, which might never have been a previous interview subject for No. 12.

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