What Ford Cars Are Being Discontinued?

Jun 23, 2018 - 2 minute read

a red ford focus st driving down a road in front of a mountain range with trees and bushes on either side of the road

Recently, Ford has made a big announcement about the future of its small cars. With SUVs and pickup trucks now being so popular, certain car models will be no longer be produced in the upcoming years. Here’s an overview of the vehicles that Ford plans to discontinue.

Ford Cars Scheduled to be Discontinued

Ford Fusion

Over the years, the Ford Fusion has remained one of the most rewarding midsize sedans on the market. Class-leading performance capabilities and an available AWD system have helped the Fusion to keep pace with the competition.

Ford Focus

Available as either a sedan or hatchback, the Ford Focus has long been known for its practicality. Drivers seeking more thrills can take advantage of the Focus ST and the 350-horsepower Focus RS.

Ford Taurus

The Taurus is currently the largest sedan in Ford’s lineup. Drivers appreciate its remarkably smooth ride and plush interior.

Ford Fiesta

There are a lot of drivers who enjoy the subcompact Fiesta’s strong fuel economy and sporty handling. It’s an especially great choice for urban commuting.

Ford C-Max

Ranked among today’s most efficient cars, the Ford C-Max promises to save you extra money at the pump. You’ll also like this hybrid’s hatchback design, which provides extra cargo space in the back.

Ford Cars That Will Be Kept

Ford Mustang

This legendary muscle car has excited drivers for more than 50 years. Fortunately, Ford has decided to keep developing it. Several improvements were made to the 2018 model, including enhanced power and refreshed exterior styling.

Ford Focus Active

In the near future, Ford plans to introduce an all-new Focus Active on the America market. It’s a small hatchback that offers style, performance, and everyday comfort. Expect it to be loaded with a lot of new technology.

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