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Nov 29, 2017 - 5 minute read

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When J.C. Lewis Sr. bought the first dealership in 1912, he set out to make a difference in the community, to give back, and to leave a mark. He knew that in order to succeed, the company would need committed and trustworthy employees that are dedicated to providing the best customer experience.

In spite of many doubters, his ambitions led him to a lengthy and fruitful career filled with practices and traditions that we aim to honor today.

History + Commitment

Those traditions are rooted in our history, which consists of the commitment and dedication to our customers that we have cultivated over the many years. The same virtues and beliefs that have allowed the business to flourish at the beginning of the 20th century are still in place today. Beginning in 1912 with J.C. Lewis Sr., this family-operated tradition continues with two members of the fourth generation Lewis family working for the company to this day.

Though not an exhaustive list, some of these century-old virtues include our fostering of employee, customer, and vendor longevity, along with the mutual loyalty and respect that we have worked hard to instill into our community. We are true believers in long-standing, and at times multi-generational, relationships that we have built over the years, which continue to shape how we do our business.

Through our growth and expansions, we learned that a dealership cannot function without its community. As a result, we strongly believe in giving back to the communities that have supported our business, and over the years we have built a deep, historical relationship with the communities that we serve. As a company and, more importantly, a family, we are committed to the communities that our customers and employees serve. Our customers come first, our word is our bond and we stand behind you.

Department heads of the J.C. Lewis Motor Co. in 1937

Reliability + Trust

When J.C. Lewis Sr. opened the first dealership, he knew that he could only hire committed and reliable employees. One of our first team members, Sam Steinberg (pictured first, above), went on to become a valued and trusted member of the company. When J.C. Lewis Sr. died in 1942, Sam not only ran the dealership until J.C. Lewis Jr. finished school but also stayed on as his right-hand man and trusted advisor up until his death at age 95. Sam worked at J.C. Lewis Ford for 80 years and was undoubtedly a permanent fixture that shaped the company over his many years of service. To this day, we only hire reliable, committed, knowledgeable, and, most importantly, trustworthy employees like Sam (pictured on the far left).

We recognize that when times change, we must, too. We feel obligated to acknowledge the new sets of challenges that have developed over the years. One of which is the prevalent mistrust of dealers and dealerships. It’s become far too easy and lucrative for salespeople to tell you exactly what you want to hear instead of giving it to you straight. If you ask 10 salesmen a question, you’ll likely get 10 different answers, and usually, ones that will personally benefit them the most.

Rest assured, this isn’t the case at J.C. Lewis Ford. Although you can always trust our judgment and what our knowledgeable sales associates tell you, we prefer that our customers make their own educated decisions. At J.C. Lewis, we simplify the car buying process and take the time to educate our customers when they have questions about any of our products, or the personal journey of car ownership.

We do not engage in “pull the rug out from under you,” or other shady sales tactics. Instead, we attempt to match all of our customers with a vehicle that suits their needs and their budget prior to putting them on the road or approving terms. We provide nothing but 100% full disclosure – in both, our pricing quotes, as well as any and all finance or insurance products that we sell. We also don’t pull your credit and work directly with our lending partners to get you the best deal possible and let them handle all of the credit-based decisions.

We endeavor to build meaningful relationships with each and every customer, and to keep our promise to uphold our long-standing values. And we’ve done exactly that for more than a century. Today we continue our endless journey to provide you with the leading edge and unparalleled service.

Dedication + Innovation

We don’t only take pride in the education that we provide to our customers, but also in the level of training that our sales staff receive. We value your time, so we won’t waste it on the “back and forth” game of table tennis that many other dealerships like to play with your car quote. We have refined and polished an experienced line of sales staff, all of which have the ability and authority to make you an offer that we stand behind – all without involving a sales manager. Our employees are unmatched in skill and dedication, and we will never stop learning how to serve you better.

We embrace technology to improve the customer experience, whether it be in our service aisle, the body shop, or on the sales floor. We are not content with the status quo and continue to push the boundaries of customer service while simplifying your car buying experience.

The company recently modernized its Savannah facility to better serve its customers and has also expanded operations into Statesboro and Hinesville, with ambitious new facility plans underway. Service doesn’t start and stop at the sale, and as a company, we are dedicated to proving that to you. At J.C. Lewis Ford, you can count on receiving 360 degrees of service, and we’ll be there for you before, during, and after your visit.

After all, we are your Ford place, for life. We won’t settle for anything but the best, and neither should you.

So why choose us?

We know you have options, and buying a car is not an easy decision.

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, the most important factor to consider is the confidence you have in your dealer. At J.C. Lewis, we have dedicated, reliable, and committed employees that you can trust, and talk to about much more than your new car.

The Lewis family recognizes the amazing responsibility to continue and maintain the vision and ideals established by J.C. Lewis, Sr. and to uphold and honor his name with every transaction.

So come on in, and let us show you.

“To a businessman, there are many pleasures besides the mere making of profit. If he has a worthy commodity to sell…in which he has confidence…he may experience a peculiar pleasure and happiness…in the dignity and ethics of his profession.”– J.C. Lewis, Sr.

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